Drops of happiness

This necklace, dedicated to the celebration of life, is made with “Paisely” motives, a modern western name taken from a Scottish town where this pattern was used in fabrics and shawls made during the XIX century.  However, this design has a much older origin, dating back to ancient Persian and Indian cultures, as well as to other regions on the East, and taking different meanings through history. For example, some studies associate to this type of design the name Buteh or Boteh, which is a Zoroastrian symbol of happiness,  life and eternity.

The necklace is composed of a several pieces embroidered with glass beads, and completed with purple dyed agate, jade, turquoise and silver plated beads. The earrings also carry Swarovski crystals.  Necklace size: 22″ around, adjustable to 24” with a chain. Earrings size: 3″ long. Sold, 2013.


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